How to Know When You Need to Hire More People

In any business growth, hiring or not hiring more people will directly affect the output of the company in terms of production and the expense in terms of salary or payment for services rendered. Both have something to do with time. Since time is considered gold, how good are you making use of that commodity to benefit your company which will ultimately benefit you and your family?

When you can no longer do it yourself

Most startup companies start with one person, especially in this generation when more home based companies now exist. As the demand for what your company sells or services, more of your time will be eaten up. You will have less and less of your time for something else while you continue to serve the demands of your clients. Since you only have 24 hours a day, you have to multiply yourself. That means getting someone else to do certain tasks that you can delegate while you focus on making the sales. In time, even the closing of sales can be delegated while you do the managing.

Bosses more likely to hire someone they fancy, study finds

Bosses more likely to hire someone they fancy, study finds

When the people you have hired are not enough

There are times when there are seasons that demands are a lot greater, depending on what you are selling. Since these sales are seasonal, the demand for more people to work for you is also seasonal. During these times, you can opt to hire people on a contractual basis or just-for-this-season basis. Sometimes ‘not enough’ is relative. From the employees’ perspective, if they are working more than 8 hours a day and the overtime is not making them happy, they know it’s time to add more people. From the employer’s perspective, the usual recourse is to let the employees work more without additional increase in salary. The rule of thumb is, if your employees are no longer happy because work is eating more of their time working for you instead of for themselves, it is time to add more people.

When paying the salary will bring in more income and more time for yourself

Hiring more employees will mean having to pay more people and add to the expenses of the company but if that additional hire will make the company more efficient in serving the clients, resulting to more sales, at the same time giving you more time to spend with your family, then it is worth hiring more people.

CEOs need to hire more young people

CEOs need to hire more young people

Hiring more people to work for your company depends on the need that your company is having. If you can no longer do the tasks yourself, you need people to help you and you pay them. It will cost you but the return of having more sales is the result.

At Lost Between Paying Down Debts Or Gamble Investing

Debts are pretty expensive and would chase you no matter what if you leave it unpaid. On the other hand, reinvesting is very much risky since it is not certain how well your investment return would be; if there would be any, that is. This is pretty much confusing on times when you have the means to pay and lower your debts big time. But would you lose money just like that? Supposing that money you have will grow double in case you invest it? Wouldn’t it pay all your debt balance and more? But what if it doesn’t? Should it be better off in paying the debts rather than take the risks?

Interest rate of debt is too high

One of the important factors to consider in raising a decision is to assess if your debt are currently managed well. But if you have a painstakingly high interest debt that you are finding a hard time paying it off, there is no question that the money talked about will directly to pay your liabilities. It will make sense prioritizing them so that the speed up process could let you save a bit more from your payments.

Advice for Managing Debt

Advice for Managing Debt

What investment does?

Investment on the other hand is a long term venture. It is risky, yes, but you could also expect a higher return in the future. Investing means putting your money into real estates, expensive vehicles, stock markets, or any other form that allows you to make your money grow, if and only if, everything turns out well. Investment takes you in a whirlwind journey. You could be blessed with a high return if market is stable. However, it could also take you down to spiral when there are inflation risks.

Does China still welcome foreign investment?3

Does China still welcome foreign investment?

Do both

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you use the money to pay everything off from your debt? Then the following month save what you’ve been using to pay your debt and use it to invest? In this way you start clean and is free of the bondage of debts. If you don’t basically to start paying your debts big time, it will rack up a whole in your pocket. Struggling between paying your debts and keeping with your investments are bound to a disaster. Start from small investments to test the waters first. That way you could do both.

What you choose to decide is all about the question of priorities. Feel yourself on what you are comfortable most. Sometimes it is all about personal needs and goals. Know your financial capabilities. If you are living beyond your means, certainly you could invest freely without thinking of how to pay for your debts. But if your financial status isn’t stable you could opt to pay your debts first before it comes chasing after you afterwards.

Pros and Cons of Organic and Non-Organic Compounds

A lot of health conscious individuals turn to organic food as the main consumption of their diet. Organic products have been selling like hotcakes in the past years mainly because organic product vendors really invest in marketing their products. On top of that, their selling point is their natural and health benefits. They would usually mention controlled faming and a clean growth environment. Those who are selling non-organic products say that you can no longer determine which is better because there is only a thin line between the two. Many people have now been asking if there is really a significant difference between the two food products.

What are organic products?

Basically, organic products are products that are grown through natural means. This means that these products are not exposed to pesticide and other harmful chemicals. Those who are very health-conscious prefer these products because they believe that they are less likely to expose themselves to harmful chemicals. Because of the cost of raising these products and the huge demand for organic food, producers of organic products are usually enjoying huge profits from the high foods prices. However organic products have a downside. Because they are raw and have no preservatives, they spoil quickly. They can also be sold only in the local market because if they will be transported, they will be spoiled at once during the transportation. Their market therefore is limited only on the area that they are produced.

Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce

Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce

What are non-organic food products?

They are the opposite of organic food products. They are usually grown through modern methods including controlled number of plants and are usually sprayed with pesticides to protect it from insect invaders. Those who are not too particular on the specifics of their food would usually turn to non-organic products. Aside from the cheaper prizes, they also have a longer shelf life which is not true to organic products. This means that they can be transported to different markets without getting spoiled. Non-organic food products have a larger market in terms of geographical location because they can last longer than their organic counterparts. If you notice that a product is not grown locally and are sold in the supermarket, chances are it could be a non-organic food product.

Understanding  Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Understanding Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers


Health conscious individuals today go for organic foods but most consume a combination of both organic and non-organic food products. Before cooking, health experts remind us to wash what we eat thoroughly. By careful washing, dangerous chemicals will be removed. Always ensure that the product you are eating is fresh by reading the labels. To be safe, buy vegetables and fruits that are in season because you can be sure that there is enough supply to address the demand. Lastly, always make varied food choices when you buy so you won’t focus on one food product. By following these tips, you get the most nutrients from the food you are eating. At the end of the day, eating organic or non-organic food will no longer matter as long as you are well-nourished by the food that you eat.

Falling in Love with the 5 Best Date Ideas for Married Couples

 Fairy tales usually end with a line “and they live happily ever after” in a wedding scene. Does this mean that all your good times as a couple could end while the marriage progresses? The answer is in you and your partner’s hand and how you deal with the dangers of overfamiliarity.

Are you feeling the cold even if your spouse is just inches away from you? It’s never too late to bring back the fire you once had. Whoever says dating is just for singles totally missed out a great aspect in the marriage life. After all, dating never stops and has no age ultimatum.

Don’t ever give in to boredom. There are hundreds of different ways on how to date your spouse back and make each other feel like young lovers again.

Date your firlfriend with a special event

Date your firlfriend with a special event

5 Ways to Date Your Spouse

1. Get a day off and take a road trip with your partner

Just because you’re tied up at work means you can’t have some fun time with your spouse anymore just like back in your girlfriend/boyfriend days. Road trip is a perfect time to reminisce and bring back the good old days of not worrying about the stress marriage brings. Set a date with your partner, grab your wheels, and off you go.

It’s a hassle-free way of dating your spouse. No need for make-up or suit and tie; wearing your most comfortable clothes would be the perfect outfit for this special date.

2. Special candle-lit dinner at home

Candle-lit dinner is common, but doing it at home is more unique and personal for your spouse. Surprise him or her with a special dinner treat right at your very home after work. Not only that this would be a perfect time for relaxation, but also its a great opportunity to talk about what happened to you all day. A casual chitchat with your spouse is important in making them feel that they’re still part of your life despite the busy schedule.

Candle Light Dinner At Home!

Candle Light Dinner At Home!

3. Sundae and Flower Power

Women have an unexplainable weakness in flowers and desserts. Why not surprise them with it? Shopping may be one of the things that can satisfy women needs but simple sweet gestures can make them feel as if they’ve just won shopping spree.

Get your spouse on an early morning walk. Watching the sunset is a great time to feed the flame of your relationship once again and avoid feeling flat over your marriage.

4. Movie Marathon

If you think it’s impractical to go on a movie date, why not go for a DVD marathon with your partner? Watch movies that you like together, even those that you have seen before. Many couples felt the spark for each other after a movie date, and this could be an effective way to bring back the romance with your partner.

Romantic movie, action, thriller, or whatever suits your liking , would be best if you turn the lights off, grab the popcorn, blanket, and cuddle each other until it’s time for you to sleep.

5. Childhood Playtime

Got a huge backyard? If yes, then having childhood playtime with your spouse is a refreshing way to feel energized and be young once again. Share your favorite games with your husband or wife and just enjoy the laugh it can bring. It may not be that challenging for adults, playing wouldn’t be so bad if it’s for the fun of it.

Who knows? You’ll be surprised of how innocent your man can be and how playful your wife can get.

You can’t throw a marriage out of the window especially if you just feel “bored” about your relationship. Sometimes, couples should admit that they can’t feel in-love every day and being in that state takes a lot of work from the both of them. Inexpensive yet special dates may just be what you need to feel the spark just like the first time you’ve met your partner.

What You Should Know About Smart Watches

 Ever heard of smart watches? You’ve probably heard of it a couple of times. One thing’s for sure, you’ll hear it more often in the coming years. It seems that everyone in the tech world is trying to produce their own smart watch. Why is this new technology gaining such popularity? What do we have to know about smart watches?

What is a smart watch?

It’s a device that you wear on the wrist like an ordinary watch. However, the smart watch is so much more than a typical watch as it has an operating system. This means that the watch offers more features. It doesn’t just tell time. You can also connect wirelessly and get notifications. It is also possible to install applications.

The Hilarious smart watches

The Hilarious smart watches

Why should I get one if I already have a smartphone?

Smart question. Your smartphone allows you to do a myriad of things, probably everything a smart watch can do. But when it comes to convenience, the smart watch is definitely better than your smartphone. You just have to look at your wrist. You don’t need to get your phone out of your bag or your pocket. Whenever someone sends you a message, you’ll know who it is by talking a look at your watch. If you don’t think it’s important, you don’t have to get your phone right away.

Smart phones also have additional functions such as GPS mapping, monitoring your heart rate, and tracking your fitness. A smart watch is more accessible than your smartphone. Also, if you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll find the smart watch to be a good (and cheaper) alternative.

A smart watch

A smart watch

What smart watches are now available?

As of now, you can find several smart watches on the market. You have one from Sony that allows you to communicate with an Android smartphone through wireless connection. You can get info regarding your emails, text messages, and even social media notifications. The watch will vibrate if there’s a new notification. You also have one from Motorola, the Motoactv. It’s perfect for active people who love to run and stay fit. You can monitor your heart rate with the use of the watch. This way, you can make sure that you’re not working too hard and using your heart too much.

Although these watches may not be as popular as your tablets and smartphones, no doubt that they’re market is growing steadily. In no time they’ll catch up with other devices and you’ll most probably end up buying one too. Everything in the tech world develops quickly. And before you know it, the smart watch may be the next big thing. So don’t close your doors and think you don’t need one. They’ll get better and better and soon you’ll crave to have one of your own.